Frozen Emotion
By Xtruder Golden [iM]
March 10th 2004 @ 02h48AM
To Those Who Share My Pain.

As I sit here in this godforsaken room,


As I sit there and assume,
My heart faces it’s doom,

I put on a new costume.

One I had not worn for years,

When last had come those tears,

When I had trust without fears,

Right before it disappeared.

One I swore I would never wear again,

For I had grown tired and weary of the pain,

That costume didn’t bring me any gain,

Peace of heart, it would never let me attain.

One I hate more than love itself,

The reason jealousy came off its shelf,

A sentiment I don’t much like myself,

But it came all by himself.

Jealousy, the reason I got in so many fights,

When all I wanted was a candlelight

Dinner, but it took over like a frostbite,

Leaving no room for a quiet moonlight.

If you could see the pattern here,

You would realize why I’m now in tears,

Why I try to blind my ears,

For the worse I fear.

I Fear That My Trust Forever Has Fallen,

I Fear That My Wound Will Always Stay Open,

I Fear I Can Never Love In Peace Again

I Fear That My Emotions Are Frozen.



Inspired Mostly By Pain And Suffering But Also A Background Called Frozen Emotion In Which You Could See A Falling Water drop frozen in time.
Because A lack of trust brings on fear which in turn brings on jealousy which leads to the  fight which leads to the point of no return from which bad decisions are made by either one which brings on a lack of trust which brings on fear…








Frozen Emotion





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